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Suffolk, A Great Little City!

 Suffolk won't be 'little' for long.    It's a growing city with so much to offer to its current and future residents.  It is going to grow as there is plenty of room to grow and prosper.  The school system and the city council must work together to envision all the great possibilities that our residents and their children can enjoy.  The city has worked hard to earn "A" ratings ... 

Now, it needs an "A" rated school system ... and why not?   

We can do better. 

Suffolk, Plenty of Environmental Resources!

The Great Dismissal Swamp, the Nansemond River, the Chesapeake Bay ...just to name a few.  We have ponds and rivers and lakes galore.  What a wasted educational resource if  students are not allowed out of the building to study?  It is tme to allow teachers and students out of buildings and sterile classrooms in order to experience project-based, cross curricular learning within the rich environmental spaces that Suffolk has to offer. 

Encourage creativity within and experiential learning outside the classroom ... and why not?     

We can do better. 

Suffolk, A City With Booming Business Developments!

Suffolk has a diversity of businesses that can provide partnerships with our schools .. and then also be places of employment for our students after graduation. We must partner!   It's not the number of CTE licenses that should be touted, but the percentage of students enrolled and the percentage of students earning the licenses. 

We need growth, accountability, and disciplined, quality training in our College and Career and Technical Education (CCTE) in Suffolk ... and why not? 

We can do better.

Suffolk, A City Filled With Leadership

Our students need to be engaged with civic leaders, with military  leaders, with faith leaders, and with professional leaders. City leaders and professionals donating a day of sharing their expertise within a subject would bring a sense of community support to our classroom teachers. and examples of career opportunities to our students.  A teacher trying to "be all" and "do all" contributes to burn out and a feeling of isolation.  Teachers are  leaving the profession at a faster rate than they can be replaced. 

We need educational partners and strategic volunteers to support our schools   .... and why not?  

We can do better.

Suffolk, A City Known for It's Great Schools? ... and why not?

We can do better!

We can be better!

It is time to raise the bar ... and why not?!!  

All we have is to gain!